Drill Guide making

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I'm making a drill guide a bit of plywood. Extremely handy tool for opening 90 degree holes. Also the cost is very low. After watching the video you can do according to your own drill guide.

Photos :

Img 20190409 203059.jpg

Drill Guide.jpg

Making Video :

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18mm plywood

Drill Guide1[1].jpg

5cm marking - cutting

Drill Guide 2[1].jpg

2cm marking

Drill Guide 3[1].jpg

for my drill - 48mm hole saw - (Width to fit your drill)

Drill Guide 4[1].jpg

2x - 11cm cutting (M8)

Drill Guide 5[1].jpg

6X - 36mm cutting (Øin 8mm, Øout 10mm metal)

Drill Guide 6[1].jpg

3x 34cm (Øout 8mm metal)

Drill Guide 7[1].jpg

3X - 6cm hardwood Ø 25mm - Drilling 8,5mm

Drill Guide 8[1].jpg

Drill Guide 9[1].jpg

54mm hole saw

Drill Guide 10[1].jpg
Circular Saw I made using an old saw blade.It gets its power from the drill.
In this video I am making a pistol shaped center pointer tool. I haven't seen a similar video on youtube. This tool is a new design center punch gun. I have had very succ
We make our work easier by making use of the vibration created in the chisel with the cordless impact driver.
In this video, I make an adjustable drill bit. I start by using the metal I cut from the M12 bolt. Then I am cutting a Spade Drill Bit. Then I combine the two.
You can use it both to drill 90 degree holes and to drill holes in the depth you want. It also works for joining two woods together, you can see in the video.
I make a very useful tool in this video. We all use Countersink Drill Bit. It is possible to buy for cheap, but can not we do it ourselves? I wanted to try it and decided
In this video, I make one bench grinder. I need this to use in chisel sharpening, blade sharpening, drill sharpening and so on. To do this bench grinder, I made two wo...
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